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Community Foundation Scholarship Deadlines

The Community Foundation of the Eastern shore is now accepting applications for the following scholarships:

The Hazel Minority Scholarship requires applicants to be minority residents of Wicomico, Worcester, or Somerset county who are interested in pursuing a career in education, healthcare, or STEM. Students who have demonstrated financial need, academic achievement, and involvement in community & extracurricular activities are urged to apply. The scholarship award is up to $2000 and applicants may reapply for up to 4 consecutive years. The application deadline is April 1st.

The Dr. Alfred and Ruth Beattie Healthcare Careers Scholarship requires graduation from public or private high schools in Wicomico County and success in completing at least one year of undergraduate study in an eligible healthcare program. Scholarship recipients may reapply for multiple years subject to satisfactory academic performance. Students with the greatest financial need and strong ties to the Eastern Shore of Maryland will be given priority consideration. The scholarship award is up to $2000 and the application deadline for the Healthcare Careers Scholarship is April 1st.

The Naleppa Family Healthcare Scholarship requires graduation from a public or private high school in Wicomico County, and acceptance into a healthcare program. Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student and priority will be given to students with the greatest financial need and strong ties to the Eastern Shore. Scholarship awards are up to $500. The scholarship is for one academic year and the deadline for applications is April 1st.

Visit CFES.org/scholarships for a complete list of all available scholarships, applications, and guidelines.

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