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About CFES:


Established in 1984, CFES is a public foundation and a 501c3 nonprofit. CFES serves Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset Counties.

Mission: To strengthen our community by connecting people who care with causes that matter to improve quality of life in our region.

Vision: Create thriving communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where we can live and prosper together.

Summary Statement:  As leaders, grant makers, and stewards of philanthropy, the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore connects people who care to causes that matter for the common good of the Lower Eastern Shore.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit with an inspiring history of fostering charitable endeavors, and have provided more than $107 million in grants and scholarships to the local community since 1984. We collaborate with individuals, families, and businesses to match their charitable interests with community needs and strengthen local nonprofits through grants and resources. We are devoted to improving our regional community and believe in the power of philanthropy.

Leadership: CFES is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of area business and community leaders knowledgeable about the needs of this region. The Board guides the direction of the Foundation and oversees its operations including investment management and grant making. CFES employs 12 staff members who use their knowledge of the unique needs and assets of the Lower Eastern Shore to help donors achieve their charitable goals.


A complete listing of our Board of Directors and staff can be viewed here.


Fast Facts
  • $107 Million in grants & scholarships to the local community since 1984

  • $6.1 Million granted to our local community in FY23

  • 400+  academic scholarships in FY23

  • 849 charitable funds held at CFES

  • 8,122 donors since inception

  • 3 counties served – Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset

  • 554 organizations received grants in FY23

  • 1,893 grantees since 1984


Media Inquiries


Our Marketing & Communications department can help media partners connect with Community Foundation representatives, subject matter experts, local nonprofits, and provide other resources to help you find the information you need.


For inquiries please contact:

Victoria Kent, Marketing Officer

vkent@cfes.org | 410-742-9911 | 240-599-6228

Erica Joseph, President

ejoseph@cfes.org | 410-742-9911

Logo Files

The Community Foundation encourages nonprofit partners to use our logo when publicizing investments we have made in the community. 

To download our logo files please click here.

Our logo is offered in three variations, along with color options for both light and dark backgrounds.

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact Victoria Kent, Marketing Officer, at vkent@cfes.org



At The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, we are creating impact for our regional community.

  • Grants: Grants are available to local nonprofits through the careful investment of funds donated to CFES. 
    Learn More >


  • Scholarships: For local students based on eligibility requirements created by the original donor. Learn More >

  • Capacity Building: We help nonprofits grow by offering free or low cost resources. Learn More >

  • Stewardship: We help donors and their advisors carry out their charitable wishes and preserve their intent.
    Learn More > 

What IS A 
Community Foundation?


A community foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization that provides support primarily for the needs of the geographic community or region where it is based. They bring together the financial resources of individuals, families, and businesses to create funds. The funds are maintained and administered by the Community Foundation, on behalf of multiple donors, and generate grants and scholarships for the community.

How We Work

Donors: Anyone with heart and passion can give. Every gift, be it a one time gift to an existing fund, creating your own fund, or a legacy gift, is a valuable contribution to our regional community.

Stewardship: We carefully steward gifts to the community through sound investment and effective grant-making, for current needs and future generations. Gifts to the Community Foundation create permanent endowment funds that steadily grow in value over time and produce income for grants to local charitable nonprofit organizations.

Collective Giving: At CFES we build philanthropy together. As partners, we can create greater impact when we pool our charitable gifts. We have been trusted leaders in philanthropy since 1984.

Local Impact: Our impact is local. We serve the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and are dedicated to building a community where all can live, learn, work, create and prosper.

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