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Our Staff

Our Staff

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Foundation Committees

Executive Committee

Velda Henry, Chair

Dan O’Connell, Vice Chair

Dean Lewis, Secretary

Robin Evans, Treasurer

Ed Barber, Member at Large

Allen Brown, Member at Large

Dr. Carolyn Johnston, Member at Large

Jim Jones, Past Chair

Asset Development & Marketing Committee

Stephanie Willey, Chair

Mike Truitt, Vice Chair

Ginnie Malone

Martin Neat

Daniel O’Connell

Audit Committee

John Stern, Chair
Gregory Tawes, Vice Chair
Andy Kim 
Melody Nelson
Phyllis Mitchell
Lauren Taylor

Awards Committee

Martin Neat, Chair
Dr. Annette Wallace, Vice Chair
James Almand
Gail Foltz
Kathleen McLain
James Morris
Susan Purnell
Jim Thomas 
Jeffrey Turner
Barbara Whitehead
Gayle Widdowson

Community Initiatives

Kathleen McLain, Chair

Melody Nelson, Vice Chair

Jane Corcoran

Mike Dunn

Dr. Carolyn Johnston

Michael Mathers

Sharon Morris

Dr. George Whitehead

Dr. Julius Zant

Community Needs 

Dr. George Whitehead, Chair

Dr. Julius Zant, Vice Chair

Kelly Brinkley

Jane Corcoran

Karen Cross

Kathleen Crossan

Robin Evans

Pat Farina

Michele Hughes

Duke Marshall

Jane Messenger

Janice Perdue

Anthony Sarbanes

Ernest Satchell

Kendall Timmons

Carol Wellinghoff

Sonya Whited

Education Awards

Dr. Carolyn Johnston, Chair
Andy Kim, Vice Chair 
Allen Brown
Gail Foltz
Kim Gillis
Shelby Gillis 
Teresa McCain
Tyrone Mills
Paula Morris 
Janice Perdue
Carrie Samis
Anthony Sarbanes
Ernest Satchell
Lauren Taylor
Cathie Thomas 
Dr. George Whitehead

Governance Committee

Jim Jones, Chair

Velda Henry  

Tom Hershey

Jim Thomas

Mike Truitt

Julius Zant

Investment Committee

Daniel O’Connell, Chair
Dr. Ani Mathers, Vice Chair
James Bergey, Jr.
Mark Engberg
W. Thomas Hershey
Dean Lewis 
Bill McCain
Phyllis Mitchell
Martin Neat
John Phoebus
John Stern 
Gregory Tawes
Mike Truitt
Diane Turner 

Scholarship Selection

Dr. Julius Zant, Chair

Sharone Grant, Vice Chair

Kathleen McLain

Jim Morris

Ernie Satchell

BJ Summers

Stephanie Willey

Women’s Fund Executive

Susan Purnell, Chair

Sydney Tilman, Vice Chair

Ginnie Malone, Membership Vice Chair

Gayle Widdowson, At-Large

B.J. Summers, At-Large

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