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Congratulations on your grant approval!

We believe the work your doing is meaningful and worthy of being shared. Public recognition of your work and your grant will help ensure the success of your funded project, your organization, and the Community Foundation.

Below you will find resources to help promote your work and recognize your CFES grant. These guidelines are intended to help you publicize your program. We are here to help. If you have any questions on how to publicize your work or publicly acknowledge your grant, give us a call!

Share with us

The Community Foundation publicizes grants and grant stories through media relations, our social media outlets, and publications such as our Pillar Newsletter and Annual Report. We encourage you to share success stories and impact photos so we can promote these partnerships and celebrate the impact you are creating. To submit a photo or story email Lauren Zarin (Program Administrator) or Victoria Kent (Marketing Officer). 

Please note: We ask that by submitting photos or stories that you give the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore permission to republish or share these assets. Before submitting make sure that anyone in the photograph and the photographer consent to this as well. Photographs should be high resolution, free of copyright/ watermarks, and not blurry. Most newer cell phones take high quality images that can be sent in full resolution.

We recognize that many organizations work with vulnerable populations, and as such may have difficulty generating photographs that can be used. If you find yourself struggling with this we are happy to brainstorm some creative ways we can capture your impact - just ask!

Share with others

A grant from CFES or our affiliated funds is a partnership. Your story is our story. By sharing with others about the grant you received, you help the Community Foundation celebrate philanthropy and show donors how their gifts are being used for good. There are a number of easy ways you can highlight your grant - below are just a few ideas:

  • Place the appropriate CFES logo or link to cfes.org on your website (see logo use details.)

  • Include your grant in an upcoming newsletter, e-blast, or publication.

  • Place the CFES logo on your event sign or flyer.

  • Tag CFES in a social media post.

  • Highlight your grant and program in a press release.


acknowledging a grant

Use the correct names below (as appropriate) to acknowledge your grant:

  • Full Name: The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore

  • The Example Fund Name at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore

  • The Women's Fund at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore or The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore's Women's Fund

  • Please use our full name on first reference. For second references "the Community Foundation" or CFES is acceptable. within the same publication or interview.

Sample language when referencing your grant:

  • "This project was funded in part/ by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore"

  • "Funding for this event was provided by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore."

  • "A grant from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore's Women's Fund provided..."

  • "Support from this program comes the Example Family Fund at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore."

  • "The Example-Organization recently received a Education Grant/ Community Needs Grant/ etc. from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore."

This is is not an exhaustive list. Unsure of how to reference your grant? Just ask!

tag us:
social media

Facebook: CFeasternshore

Instagram: CommunityFoundationES

Twitter: CFESnonprofit

LinkedIn: CommunityFoundationES

We'd love to help publicize your work by highlighting it on our social media platforms. If your organization uses these social media sites, let us know by liking or following CFES. Mention us or tag us, and we'll be sure to reciprocate and do our best to re-post information you share about the grant.

Our Logo

CFES Logo-SidexSide - Primary.png

We make the CFES logo readily available in a variety of formats. Logos should not be altered and should be used in their entirety, and always be large enough to be legible. We offer different color formats for light and dark backgrounds.

  • For general use we recommend using the PNG files, which help you avoid having a "white box" surrounding the logo. 

  • For users with advanced graphic skills or professional printers, we recommend using the EPS vector files.

  • Not sure what to use, or need a different file? Contact Victoria Kent.

Download Logo Files

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get recognition for the work you are doing in our community. Things to consider with press releases:

  • Do you want to announce your grant when you first receive it?

  • Would it be more beneficial to do a press release once you can show the impact of your program or project?

  • Ask yourself why this is newsworthy and how it impacts the community.

  • If the grant is event specific, consider mentioning your grant in a press release announcing the event or during day-of press coverage.  

  • Consider what visuals you can include with a press release. Can you include impact photos or a check presentation along with your release?

  • Target media outlets based on who your project or organization serves. Being a smaller region, media outlets are often welcoming of you introducing yourself!


tools & Templates

Press Release Sample

CFES Press Kit (for media)

CFES Logos

CFES Boilerplate



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