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Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Ranked In Top 100 for Most Gifts Per Capita

A report released in April by CF Insights, a data and information insights organization in the community foundation field, ranked the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES) in the top 100 of participating community foundations in the nation for receiving the most gifts per capita and for being one of the most active grant makers for fiscal year 2013.

The April 2014 national report titled “Benchmarking Beyond Asset Size: Top 100 List” ranked CFES 84th for per capita gifts and 96th for most active grant makers.

Gifts per capita were calculated by dividing the foundation’s total gifts by the population of the foundation’s service area, which is almost 177,000 for CFES. The report showed that the per capita gift to the Foundation in FY 2013 was $35.00 per person for a total of $6.2 million over the course of a year.

“The generous charitable giving is an amazing reflection of the people on the Lower Shore,” states Dr. Doug Wilson, President & CEO, CFES. “The generosity of our donors allows us to provide financial support for over 150 nonprofit organizations each year.”

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