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Over $600,000 in scholarships available to local students

More than $600,000 in scholarships are available for area students through the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. The Foundation, which awarded scholarships to over 400 students last year, has recently opened applications on their website. Many of the scholarships have an April 1, 2023 deadline, and details are available within each application.

“Scholarships are an investment in our future leaders and create an incredible impact in our local community,” says Community Foundation President Erica Joseph. “The Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships, each with their own unique criteria, and the Foundation’s expertise in scholarship management allows us to help our donors grow these opportunities.”

The Foundation, which holds more than 200 scholarship funds, has steadily increased the number of scholarships available each year. The Foundation has also seen an expansion in areas of scholarship focus, as well as scholarships for non-traditional students.

“While many scholarships are for high school seniors, we are seeing an increased interest in scholarships for non-traditional students and trade schools,” says Joseph. “For instance, the Naleppa Family Healthcare Scholarship focuses on students who have already been accepted into a healthcare education program, such as a two-year nursing program, whereas the Beattie Healthcare Careers Scholarship is for students who have already begun their undergraduate study in a healthcare field.”

Some scholarships are based on the student’s prospective area of study, like The Richard and Patricia Hazel Minority Scholarship which is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in education, STEM, or nursing. Other scholarships available at the Foundation may have criteria based on what school a student went to, athletic activities, church affiliations, or civic involvement.

“Scholarship funds at CFES are a valuable resource for people who want to help local students. They are created by individuals, families, or businesses that are passionate about encouraging an area of study, memorializing a loved one, or simply extending a helping hand, so there is a little something for everyone.”

For a full list of scholarships, criteria, and applications, visit CFES.org/scholarships.


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