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Black Excellence Community Fund awards grants during Black History Month

The Black Excellence Community Fund awarded three grants. Left to right: (Left to right): Lori Carter, Samuel Henry (Inspire One), Jordan Ray (Inspire One Young Visionaries), Shanie Shields (Chipman Cultural Center Foundation), Alexis Dashields (Fruitland Community Center), Sonya Whited, Sharon Morris

The Black Excellence Community Fund, which is a Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Giving Circle, awarded three grants during Black History Month. The grants benefit local nonprofits which impact the quality of life for the local Black community.


Each organization received a $500 grant for their work. Grantees were:


The Chipman Cultural Center Foundation which supports the cultural center and small museum honoring the history of African Americans of the Eastern Shore regional area.


Fruitland Community Center which provides free after school programs and summer learning activities, including science, math, robotics, reading, writing, social studies and more.


Inspire One which is devoted to unifying communities through arts and media through inclusive programs that foster collaboration, advocacy, empowerment, and community engagement.


“We are excited to see the continued impact each of these nonprofits has in the local community,” says BECF Founding Member Sharon Morris. “Our hope is that these grants will highlight the importance of charitable giving and inspire philanthropy in others.”


BECF was created in 2022 at the Community Foundation to preserve cultural awareness and pride by expanding the benefits of education, health, and welfare in the Black Community, while teaching the values of philanthropy. Members work together through the power of collective philanthropy to create a positive impact in the community.


To get involved or learn more visit CFES.org/becf.


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