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CFES named Athletes Serving Athletes Eastern Shore Community Partner of the Year

Athletes Serving Athletes recently named The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore with the 2017 Eastern Shore Community Partner of the Year Award. The annual awards event held in Timonium, Maryland, highlighted the importance of Athletes Serving Athletes’ mission to pair athletes living with disabilities with a personal team of wingmen to train and compete in mainstream running and multisport athletic events.

A nonprofit founded in 2013, Athletes Serving Athletes now has more than 150 athletes, resulting in over 600 race finishes each year. ASA athletes, who are comprised of individuals with a wide range of disabilities, compete in over 90 running and triathlon events annually.

“We have grown in every aspect possible, from the amount of athletes and wingmen in our program, to the number of events we compete in, as well as our community involvement, and much more. Some of this growth is due to the amazing support of The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore,” says Jill Fears, Community Coordinator for ASA Eastern Shore. “Not only have we been a beneficiary of their grants, but also many CFES hosted workshops and events, all of which have been helpful in ASA's growth.”

“The Community Foundation has really stepped up to assist ASA,” Fears explained. “The accessibility of the Community Foundation staff has been super helpful. I find they go out of their way to help us and support nonprofits. These are just a few of the many reasons CFES was selected for the 2017 Community Partner Award.”

Community Foundation Program Director Heather Mahler accepted the award on behalf of CFES. “Seeing nonprofits like ASA grow in their reach and capacity exemplifies much of what The Community Foundation strives to do. As community partners we can make our region a stronger and more vibrant place to live and grow.”

To learn more about Athletes Serving Athletes you can visit www.asa.run. For more information about The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore visit CFES.org

Photo Credit: Brian Schurman. Left to Right back row: Jill Fears, Eastern Shore Community Coordinator ASA; Heather Mahler, Program Director CFES; John Crowley III, ASA Eastern Shore Volunteer of the year 2017; Tori Fears, Volunteer Captain Eastern Shore ASA; John Crowley IV, Volunteer Captain Eastern Shore ASA; David Slomkowski, Founder and Executive Director of ASA. Front row: Ryan Malone, Athlete with ASA Eastern Shore.

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