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$50,000 Will Support Programs Serving Lower Shore Families and Children

Up to $50,000 will be made available this spring to projects that encourage parent and family engagement for under-served children on Maryland’s lower Eastern Shore. The grant program, which was developed by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, aims to fund forward-thinking and innovative approaches to remedy the challenges facing youth today.

“When compared to children from more affluent families, kids from economically challenged homes are more likely face health, behavioral, and emotional problems,” states Erica Joseph, President at the Community Foundation. “Additionally, we see these children have a greater high school dropout rate, and overall lower academic achievement. Rural settings can intensify the challenges low-income families face.”

Through this grant program, the Foundation hopes to identify an opportunity where funding can make a significant difference in the lives and futures of the under-served children in the Lower Shore region. Programs that focus on the improvement of academics, attendance, classroom behavior, communication, self-esteem, parent involvement or engagement, and family functioning, or that seek to decrease substance abuse, are encouraged to apply for grant funding. Up to $5,000 per program can be awarded.

The Community Foundation will be accepting applications through May 15th. For complete guidelines, eligibility, or to apply, please contact Heather Mahler at hmahler@cfes.org, call 410-742-9911 or visit CFES.org.

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