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Local Lives Enhanced by 30 Year Charitable Partnership

For more than three decades the Community Foundation and Wor-Wic Community College have built a strong partnership that enhances the lives of local residents by connecting philanthropic opportunities to proven educational and professional development programs. Responsive grant making allows unique populations at Wor-Wic, such as high school students enrolled in the Tri-County transitional youth partnership, to benefit from continuing education and workforce development programs that are essential to building professional and personal development.

“When Wor-Wic's relationship with the Community Foundation was forged in the 1980s, Wor-Wic didn't have the staff or resources to manage an endowment,” says Dr. Ray Hoy, president of Wor-Wic. “Today, with over $14 million of Wor-Wic funds invested and managed by the Community Foundation, our confidence and comfort continues to grow. And, we are pleased that our local investment has helped expand and strengthen the Community Foundation.”

The relationship between the two organizations allows for scholarships and financial aid to traditional and non-traditional students, providing both merit and need-based scholarships for many of the credit and non-credit programs at Wor-Wic. By offering skilled training programs to the public, Wor-Wic is able to respond to the needs of the local business community by developing potential employees who have the skills needed for higher productivity, niche skill sets, and a stronger competitive edge.

The ongoing partnership has led to many grant making activities such as scholarship opportunities for young children through the Summer Scholars Gifted and Talented program. Wor-Wic’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division provide creative programming that enriches the lives of these students as they discover Art, History, Career Exploration, Culinary Arts and Cooking, Science, STEM, and Digital Arts.

“Wor-Wic Community College and the Community Foundation have worked side by side over the years on a wide range of unique programs, responding to changing needs in our community. The missions of our organizations complement one another and are representative of the collaborative nature of these organizations and so many nonprofits serving the Lower Eastern Shore.” states Erica Joseph, Community Foundation President.

Other partnership ventures include distinct initiatives such as the Nonprofit Scholarship Program. Developed in 2004, the program extends scholarships to employees and volunteers of local nonprofit 501c3 organizations, covering tuition and fees for select courses each semester. This program, managed by Community Foundation, has assisted hundreds of nonprofits over the years.

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