Foundation Awards $87,491 for Community Needs

The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore has awarded a series of Community Needs Grants totaling $87,491.00. The grants were distributed recently to twenty-two organizations on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The next deadline for qualified nonprofit organizations to apply for Community Needs Grants is August 1, 2015.

“The needs of the nonprofit organizations serving the Lower Eastern Shore continue to grow,” said Erica Joseph, the Foundation’s president. “We are pleased and excited to be able to help support these meaningful programs.”

Grants were awarded to the following nonprofits.

  • Town Cats, Inc. to support feral cat spay/neutering programs in Worcester County

  • Art League of Ocean City, Inc. to support the Art with a Heart series of projects that raises awareness for the therapeutic value of art.

  • Brown Box Theatre Project to support the Spring Shorts Taming of the Shrew free public performances

  • Friends of Delmarva Public Radio, Inc. to support the creation and broadcasting of Delmarva Almanac cultural, heritage, and natural resource information to Delmarva Public Radio

  • Pocomoke Indian Nation, Inc. to support Native American cultural history marketing, outreach and education programs

  • Somerset County Parks and Recreation Department to support Somerset County public events

  • Wicomico Environmental Trust, Ltd. to support faith based marketing and outreach to include a half day conference

  • Coastal Hospice, Inc. to support a child bereavement program named Safe Harbor

  • Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation to provide interactive Crohn’s and Colitis Education events on the Lower Eastern Shore

  • Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore to enhance pediatric speech therapy services

  • I.P.P.S. Mentoring Program, Inc. to support a prison mentoring project at both Wicomico County Detention Center and Poplar Hill Pre-Release Center

  • Somerset Wellness Center to support wellness workshops for the Somerset County 50+ population

  • Village of Hope, Inc. to support the case management and psychological counseling program