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Community Foundation Announces Goslee Youth Initiative

The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES) is pleased to announce the Goslee Youth Initiative, in honor of Gladys Goslee, local educator. Gladys was a schoolteacher for over 40 years, CFES Board member and community leader. She was a passionate advocate for youth, especially those with limited resources and opportunities.

This special grant funding will support programs that are addressing these key issue areas in K-12 Education: lack of support and structure for youth during out of school hours, mental health and substance abuse in the home, insufficient access to enrichment, college, or college prep, and lack of parental involvement.

The Community Foundation seeks to drive long term positive change in these areas. We will distribute funds to local organizations who have demonstrated experience and the expertise to address these issues.

Governmental units, public or certified nonpublic K-12 schools, religious organizations engaged in non-sectarian activity, or nonprofits may apply to this unique program. Requests for Proposals (RFP) will be accepted from March 15 to April 01, 2015. The award range is expected to be $5,000 - $10,000. Please visit www.cfes.org for more information.

Over the last three years, grants from the CFES Education Awards Program have provided $99,000 in financial support to over 60 classroom programs on the Lower Shore. When successfully implemented, the Goslee Youth Initiative will help bridge the gap and provide assistance to other after school and wrap around support programs.

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