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Larmore Family Establishes David Larmore Memorial Fund at Community Foundation

The Larmore Family is creating a legacy at the Community Foundation by establishing a fund in memory of their son David. They established the fund to benefit local nonprofit organizations that support persons with severe physical disabilities. David was born with Spina Bifida that resulted in multiple congenital birth defects. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 32.

Driven by a desire to put the story of David’s life in writing, David’s father, Sheldon, wrote the book Be Quiet and Listen. The book was written to serve as an inspiration for his family and friends. Funds through sales of the book will assist those individuals on the Lower Eastern Shore who have severe physical disabilities. All of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be dedicated to purchasing supplies and equipment, such as canes, crutches, walkers, ramps, as well as, respite care for those who are financially unable to purchase such services.

According to Sheldon Larmore, “David enjoyed and treasured life with the help of so many even though his life’s journey was not quite like ours.” Larmore continues, “Partnering with the Community Foundation is allowing us to memorialize David and help us share his story with the community.”

“On so many levels, the David Larmore Memorial Fund is symbolic of charitable giving,” states Doug Wilson, President, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. “I had the pleasure of knowing David for many years in his role as a volunteer at PRMC and when he had his flea market business known as David’s Venture at what is now the Country House. David is still missed by literally hundreds if not thousands of people in our community.”

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