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El futuro de la filantropía

Los 40 menores de 40 en filantropía celebran a aquellos que donan su tiempo, talento o tesoro a causas benéficas e inspiran a otros a crear una diferencia significativa en nuestra comunidad.

¡Nomine a alguien hoy!

Honorees may be featured in social media posts, news publications, and other promotions, and will also receive two tickets to the Community Foundation Annual Meeting on November 1st. 


We ask that nominees:

  • Be under the age of 40 at some point during 2024 and should have reached their 21st birthday prior to the nomination deadline.

  • If a nominee works in nonprofit, their impact should be beyond the scope of the employment.

  • The nominee’s philanthropic impact should occur in Somerset, Wicomico, and/or Worcester Counties.

  • Multiple applications for the same nominee may be submitted and will be combined into one nomination presented to the selection committee.

  • All nominations must be submitted via the nomination form. Nominations will not be accepted by email or mail.


15 de mayo

Fecha límite final para la nominación

3 de junio

Homenajeados notificados

13 de junio

Los homenajeados deben devolver el formulario de aceptación.

9 de julio

Homenajeados anunciados en línea

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