Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Profiled in National Research Report

A national report released this month by the Center for Effective Philanthropy presents research findings from surveys of community foundations around the country. The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore is one of the three featured in the study for its strategic action.

The Report highlights three community foundations that act “strategically” and actively seeks accurate information about community needs. The Community Foundation of Orange County, the California Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore share a commitment to strategic action.

All three diverse Foundations focus on how their work with donors will benefit their local communities; build their understanding of community need through research and data; and place high value on input from community stakeholders.

Highlighting the work of the CFES, the study commends:

  • The use of regular surveys of the community and stakeholders.

  • Operation of the Eastern Shore Nonprofit Support Center to grow the capacity of local nonprofit organizations.

  • Policies that ensure representation and feedback from constituents across the area.

  • Regular surveys and focus groups for donors and the nonprofit community.

  • Efforts to help nonprofit organizations inform the community about the work they do.

  • The leadership role the Community Foundation plays in the community.

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